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Unretouched photographs of subjects before treatment and at month 4, following 3 consecutive monthly in-office Hydrafacial Keravive treatments plus 90-day continuous use of Hydrafacial Keravive Take Home spray.


Results may vary.

Keravive Scalp Treatment

Keravive Scalp Treatment

Poor scalp health – dry skin, clogged follicles, dead skin cells, lack of

circulation – can lead directly to thinner-looking hair.

Low Scalp Hydration

Clogged follicles

Dead Skin Congestion

Poor Circulation

The Formula for Healthier,
Fuller-Looking Hair.

Hydrafacial’s proprietary Vortex Technology easily dislodges and removes impurities from the scalp and hair follicle. The Keravive Peptide Complex Solution delivers a hyper-concentrated blend of biomimetic growth factors and skin proteins that hydrate and nourish the scalp.


The Hydrafacial Keravive Experience
Recommended Regimen

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Boost Benefits of Other Treatments


Hydrafacial Keravive can also complement hair-loss treatment protocols. A cleaner, healthier scalp encourages better uptake and efficacy of popular oral, topical, laser, and surgical therapies.

Real Results
After just 1 treatment, patients reported improvement in scalp itchiness, scalp dryness, scalp flakiness and hair fullness. Following the full course of treatments, 75% of patients reported improvement in hair fullness, 72% reported improvement in overall hair appearance and 64% said they felt more confident as a result.**



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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is LipoDissolve? LipoDissolve is used to permanently destroy fat cells in areas stubborn to diet and exercise. How long does it take to see results? You will notice results in about 4 weeks after the first session. The best results after noticed after 2 sessions. How long does it last? The average person needs about 3 sessions. Once complete the results are permanent if no excessive weight gain occurs.

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