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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss is a personal journey but that doesn't stop us from helping you reach your goals. Achieve weight loss the Sophisticated way with our medically managed weight loss program. Our program is about more than prescribing medication, it's a team effort and we are here to help you in all the areas that are stopping you from reaching your weight loss and healthy life goals. Utilizing an integrative approach, we provide overall wellness solutions to help you maintain your weight loss efforts and optimize your health and wellness.

Sophisticated Wellness & Aesthetics is focused on overall wellness and helping our patients feel and look their best. Your wellness is highly dependent on your health and being overweight or obese can be detrimental to your health and wellness. Therefore, we have created a weight loss program tailored to each individual patient to help you not only lose weight but sustain your weight loss for the long term. 

Using a combination of health coaching, nutritional and fitness advice, accountability, and approved weight loss medications, we can help you on your wellness journey to becoming a healthier you! A minimum 3-month commitment is highly encouraged for best results. Our program is centered around forming habits and motivating you to live a lifetime of health. 

Program Details:

GLP-1 self-administered weekly injections (if not contraindicated)
Access to BodySite plans, nutrition and exercise plans

Weekly virtual check-ins with our board-certified nurse practitioner
Monthly in-person weigh-ins

15% off Vitamin Injections & In House Supplement purchases​

Please Note: Results are individualized and may vary and cannot be guaranteed. We require a consultation before starting our weight loss program. For best results, we highly encourage a minimal 3-month commitment and healthy nutrition and exercise habits which we will help guide you through. Remember, we are a partner in your journey, so we stress accountability. 

Semaglutide Pricing

Medication dosage starts at 0.25mg for 4 weeks and is then increased to 0.5mg for 4 weeks, the maximum dosage and maintenance dosage is 2.4mg. Medication is increased based on patient, weight loss progress and lack of side effects. Cost includes 1 month supply of medication, monthly B12 injection, monthly follow-ups with our nurse practitioner and access to our bodysite app for meal plans, workouts and more. Consultation required prior to joining membership.

Consultation: $175

3 Months $1,110
6 Months $2,220
12 Months $4,440
Month To Month $499/Month

Tirzepatide Pricing

Medication dosage starts at 2.5mg for 4 weeks and is then increased to 5mg for 4 weeks. Medication is increased based on patient, weight loss progress, and lack of side effects. Cost includes 1 month supply of medication, monthly B12 shot, monthly follow-ups with our nurse practitioner and access to our bodysite app for meal plans, workouts and more. Consultation required prior to joining membership.

Consultation: $175
3 Months $1,710
6 Months $3,420
12 Months $6,840
Month To Month $699/Month

PEPtide Therapy

Peptides are chains of amino acids that are linked together to enhance and regulate specific functions. Peptides are utilized for optimal performance. Benefits include growth hormone enhancement, sexual health improvement, weight loss, recovery, cognitive enhancement, anti-aging and cellular health.

Consultation: $175

Health Coaching only for $500 for 3 months membership (Rx included but medication may be additional cost depending on insurance coverage). 
Prior authorization $50 admin fee
Additional medication options available.
HSA/FSA/Care Credit/Cherry Payment Plans Accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is medical managed weight loss? A weight loss program supervised by medical providers using scientific evidence. It involves assisting you with healthy behaviors to sustain weight loss long term. What is a GLP-1? GLP-1 receptor agonist medications cause slower gastric emptying, making you feel fuller faster, and keeping you in a calorie deficit which leads to weight loss. What is a Biometric health screen? A biometric assessment or screening provides an on-site evaluation of a patient's key health measures. Blood pressure, waist circumference, height/weight/BMI, cholesterol, and glucose levels are some essential measures that are typically assessed. What is a health coach? A health coach helps guide you and cheers you on. We help you implement lifestyle changes to improve your overall physical health. How long is the weight loss program? For optimal results we suggest a minimum of 3 months. Each month the medication dosage may increase to prevent tolerance and maximize results. Most of our medications prescribed are safe for long term use. Do I have to follow a special diet? In our program we encourage consuming Whole Foods that are low in fat and sodium. We don't encourage a specific diet but will teach and review with you the consumption of macronutrients necessary to be healthy and lose weight. If you want to follow a specific diet we recommend a Heart Healthy diet Or Mediterranean diet. How much weight will I lose on your program? Results vary, but by focusing on sustainable weight loss through a healthy lifestyle, most patoents should expect to lose 5-10% of their current weight or more. How soon will I see results? Most patients lose weight within the first 1-2 weeks and continue to reduce their weight throughout the program. Results may vary based on your current activity level and nutritional choices. Can I use insurance? Our practice is direct pay. Insurance is not applicable for this program. However, we have researched the most cost effective compound pharmacies for our self paying customers.

Direct Primary Care


From DOT physicals, sports physicals and pre-employment physicals we've got your covered. Whether you need to renew your CDL, need clearance to participate in sports or proof that you can perform your job duties, schedule your physical with SWA today without the long wait times. 

We are a direct pay practice and do not bill insurance at this time.

DOT Physicals $99

A DOT (Department of Transportation) physical confirms whether you are healthy enough to perform the demanding profession of a CMV (commercial motor vehicle) driver. It helps to keep the nation's roads safe and includes:

  • Blood pressure and pulse rate

  • Hearing: the standard equates to a hearing loss of less than 40 dB in the better ear.

  • Urinalysis: A urine test screens for underlying medical conditions such as diabetes

  • Vision: Drivers must have a minimum acuity of 20/40 in each eye, with or without corrective lenses. They must also have at least 70º of peripheral vision in each eye along the horizontal meridian.

A DOT physical examination is not intended to replace a comprehensive annual wellness exam.

Please complete the DOT Medical Examination Report prior to your appointment

Pre Employment Physical $109

This examination is used to screen employees to assure they can perform the essential functions of their job duties with no risk to themselves or others. Medical history, Vitals, and Physical Exam plus completion of paperwork. Please have the necessary paperwork with you so that we are aware of your job duties. 

Direct Primary Care coming soon

Here at Sophisticated Wellness & Aesthetics our goal is to provide affordable membership based primary care for our patients utilizing an integrative approach. Pricing is transparent and we leave out the middleman (insurance companies) allowing us to spend as much time as we need for your visit, direct access to your provider and discounted labs and diagnostics.  Your membership will include annual routine visits, urgent care visits, virtual visits and chronic care management for conditions such as High blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. 

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